What your Addiction Treatment Center Should Not be Like

April 25, 2008


Joining an addiction treatment center is a major decision of your life, and you have to make sure that the center you have chosen is the most suitable one for you, which will help you come out of your addiction. Now that is not quite easy, is it?

You must of course do a lot of research on the drug rehab center that you are choosing by checking out the Internet for reviews on the center, testimonials and referrals from their past patients, etc.But then there are some things that will only become clearer to you when you visit there. Hence, make a preliminary visit into the treatment center to find out if it will be right for you.

These are some of the things that must not happen:-

 They must not treat you like a generic patient. Remember that each addict’s case is different, and yours is too. Hence, you have to make sure that they are making or will make a special treatment program for you.

 They must not be too strict or aloof in their talks. This is quite detrimental to a patient, especially when he or she is having the withdrawal symptoms. Make sure that the facility you are joining is friendly, has a cheerful countenance and will keep you in good spirits, even when you are undergoing one of the most crucial treatments of your life.

 They must not be a body without accreditation. If they are, skip them and look for someone else. Institutions that are accredited use time-honored techniques to bring you out of the addiction.


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