Understanding how Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Maine functions

May 20, 2008

Maine has no different program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation than the other states of America. In fact, the rehabilitation program of Maine is modeled on the lines of the other programs.

Rehabilitation means to provide the person with new living conditions and indeed, a new life. In case of addiction, rehabilitation means to veer the person towards a sober life. This is not as easy as it seems. By looking at the example of the program for drug or alcohol rehab in Maine, you will understand that there are many things connected with such a treatment.

The first part of the rehab treatment in Maine is biological treatment. This process is called as the detox program. This is when the person is made to stay in an inpatient facility and medical assistance is provided. The person will be made to totally abstain from the substance of abuse and this will bring on several physically violent symptoms that are known as withdrawal symptoms. The medical professionals will formulate a therapy so that these withdrawal symptoms are lessened.

The next stage of the treatment is a maintenance program. During the maintenance program, a lesser drug is provided to the person so that the symptoms of withdrawal do not occur. If they do, they can cause the probability of a relapse, which needs to be avoided.

But the rehabilitation program in Maine also deals with mental treatment. The person is counseled on the addiction and how to keep away from it. Moral encouragement is an important part of the treatment, which can help the person to work up a determination to abstain.

The inpatient detox program in Maine will not normally be beyond seven days. But the maintenance treatment and further counseling could be carried out in regular sessions for over six months, or even a year.


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