Treatment and Rehabilitation

March 13, 2008


Substance abuse rehabilitation is a phrase you will often hear at our facility. You might hear us occasionally use drug treatment center or drug abuse treatment program. These all mean similar things. But the real power lies in the first phrase. In fact it lies in the word rehabilitation. A treatment center is a place, a physical location where you will receive treatment. The treatment program is really the methods and the techniques used to help with that treatment.

Treatment is a word to be cautious of though, cold get treatment, sore joints get treatment, these are both things that will return. This type of treatment fixes drug addiction as it appears as a surface problem. Rehabilitation on the other hand is a life long process. It will not always be the intense process that it is in the beginning, but when rehabilitation takes place it is a change in the general mechanics of how we do things. Yes it is easier, to just treat a surface problem than it is to attack the very nature of our habits and our actions, but the long term benefits of addressing true rehabilitation is that you end up with real recovery as opposed to relapse after relapse.

Similar to the person who has a chronic injury due to poor walking mechanics, who can receive medicine and treatment to ease their situation. They will be back for medicine and treatment in no time at all. We want your recovery form drug addiction to be better than that we want it to be true rehabilitation. Just as the injured person above learns the proper mechanic of walking. We will teach you the proper mechanics and day to day decision making and choices, providing you with a lifetime of recovery instead of a short term fix.


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