Things to Remember in an Alcohol Intervention

April 9, 2008

An alcohol intervention can allow the addict to see that they have a real problem and get the help that they need from a rehabilitation program. This is a very difficult time for families, and emotions about the addiction run deep.

When you are planning an alcohol intervention for a loved one, you should always keep in mind that alcoholism is a real disease with biological effects. It is a true health condition, rather than a lack of motivation to stop drinking or an ethical problem. You should speak to the addict with this in your thoughts, in order to treat him or her with hard love. Judging past actions or character traits and blaming the individual for problems will do nothing constructive towards getting them to realize their problem and agree to an addiction treatment center.Alcoholism is a disease that creates a loss of control over drinking for the people who suffer from it. No one wakes up one day and decides that they want to develop a substance abuse problem. Nobody wants to keep drinking alcohol until they can’t quit, lose control of their life, and suffer the consequences of this condition. The addict is sick and requires medical help in order to have a good chance of recovery. There is no cure, but there are effective forms of addiction treatment.

Everyone who will be involved in the alcohol intervention should be on the same page regarding not making judgments or criticizing the individual. This disease has an enormous effect on the loved ones of the addict, and there is often the temptation to let emotions like anger take over. This will only hurt the situation. You should strongly consider using the help of a professional addiction interventionist to make the process go as smoothly as possible.


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