Rehabilitation Program for Drug Addiction Treatment in Missouri

June 12, 2008

The rehab program in Missouri is considered to be an important component of the overall drug addiction program. This is a comprehensive mode of treatment where the person is made to undergo both a medical as well as nonmedical treatment to completely recover from the addiction. The medical part of this treatment is the detox and the nonmedical part is in the form of an extensive aftercare program that includes counseling, education and training on various therapies that can keep a person in sobriety for a long time.

The drug rehab treatment in Missouri begins with a pretreatment analysis where several tests are conducted on the person to determine his or her biological condition and the extent of the addiction. This is important because it will decide the overall course the treatment program will take. The next step is the detox. The detox program in Missouri depends largely on how intensive the patient’s addiction is. Based on that, the detox treatment can take anywhere from three days to up to three weeks or more. Of course, this will also depend on the nature of the substance that the person is addicted to. A meth detox will take much longer time than a marijuana detox, for example.

The aftercare program is included in the rehab treatment program in Missouri. The crux of this program is to keep the person away from the possibility of a relapse. The aftercare treatment can go on to up to a year depending on how effective the person’s recovery turns out to be.


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