Planning an Alcoholism Intervention for Your Spouse

April 19, 2008


Having a spouse that has an alcohol addiction can cause a great strain on your relationship. Many times, an alcoholic does not even realize that they have a problem.

If your spouse suffers from an alcohol addiction and you feel they need to seek treatment, an alcoholism intervention may help your partner to realize they have a problem and convince them to seek help.  Planning an intervention for an adult can be tricky business, especially if the individual does not feel that they have a problem. You may desire to seek professional assistance in planning your intervention, from a professional that specializes in alcohol treatment and alcohol rehabilitation. These professionals can help you determine what is the best path to take when planning an intervention for your loved one.   An intervention most often consists of a group of people that are close to the individual suffering from an addiction. It is extremely important that these people not have addiction problems themselves. Avoid inviting people that your partner drinks with often, or people that are not supportive in your partner receiving treatment. Additionally, you should avoid inviting co-workers or people your spouse does business with unless they are very close friends, as this can cause a great deal of embarrassment to your spouse and have a negative impact on the intervention. This can also cause problems at work for your spouse if their employers are unaware of their alcohol addiction.


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