March 22, 2008


Drug addiction can ruin people’s lives. It is often those closest to the addict that have the best chance to help them get addiction recovery. The addicts loved ones often hesitate. Not saying anything until a tragedy has occurred. It is often difficult to know what to say, and when to say it. There are professionals that can help you by leading your intervention. You can also handle your own intervention with the advice of a professional. Either way you choose, the most important thing is that the addict that needs help, gets it.

Prior to the Intervention
Gather all those people that you know care about the addict. Make sure that this includes people that the addict will respect. Those whose opinions he truly values. Have discussions about each member of the interventions concerns. Talk about things like who will discuss specific topics. This may require several meetings to work out. Once all the details are arranged have one final meeting. This will be just prior to the intervention. This should be a mock up of the intervention. Each member of the group should know their role by the time it is over.

Intervention Day
When the day of the actual intervention arrives make sure the addict can meet with everyone at once. It is the emotional outpouring of the intervention that holds the power. Whether you have chosen to use a professional intervention leader or you are acting with the advice of a leader, make sure some one is guiding the course of the intervention. It is important that it doesn’t dissolve into bickering and backbiting.

Once the addict has heard the concerns of those that care, it is their turn. Do not discard the addicts comments lightly. But do not let them sway you. The addict should leave from the intervention for our substance abuse program. Contact us in advance to make arrangements.


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