How to manage Finances for a Treatment Program for Heroin Detox in Iowa

June 18, 2008

As nasty as heroin detox is, its treatment expenses can be much nastier. A single admission to a heroin detox center in Iowa can cost about $7,000 to $9,000 and this does not include the costs that you will have to bear later for the aftercare outpatient or residential treatment program, the readmissions for relapses if they happen or the payment you will need to make to cover for the costs of the heroin intervention program if you used one. That is the reason it becomes extremely useful to know how you can save on costs so that heroin detox can become a reality.

The first thing you must do is to check out the Iowa state health website. Here you will find out about the programs that are funded by the state. There are some funded qualified programs for addiction treatment in Iowa which you can make use of. You will find links to these state funded treatment centers from the state health website. Or, you can call the number displayed on this website and ask them for financing options.

If you have a medical insurance policy like Medicaid or Medicare, then those can help you find financing solutions for heroin detox treatment in Iowa too. They may cover full or part of the treatment. But you will need to ask them in advance what part of the treatment they will cover, because there are always policies that they will adhere too. It is always advisable to ask them before the treatment program starts so that you know the position of the expenses you will need to make at the very outset.


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