Drug Detox and Heroin Addiction Treatment

April 20, 2008

When you are fighting a heroin addiction, seeking treatment can be very hard. Most people are familiar with the side effects that come from quitting heroin cold turkey and this can make many too scared to seek the treatment they so desperately need.

However, with the right drug detox program, these symptoms can be greatly reduced and it can be much easier to fight your heroin addiction the right way. When you check into a drug detox center that offers heroin addiction treatment, you may be given a drug called methadone.This is used to help fight the first symptoms of withdrawal. It is similar to heroin and can be habit forming if not used correctly. However, when administered by a drug detox facility and carefully monitored, methadone is a very effective tool in fighting a heroin addiction. For this kind of treatment, it is usually recommended that a patient try the inpatient services first. Drug detox is serious and it is helpful to have qualified staff on hand to help you through the initial phases. Once you are through the woods you can transition to an outpatient basis. By staying in the drug detox center for the first two weeks though you can get through the worst part. It really helps to have people who understand what you are going through right there to help you.

Recent studies have shown that this kind of treatment is by far more effective at treating a heroin addiction long term as opposed to trying to quit cold turkey.


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