Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Children-It’s not the Parent’s Fault

May 3, 2008

Most times, parents have to bear the brunt of their children’s drug and alcohol addictions. They are told that they were careless and uncaring for their children when they needed them most and that is why the children sought pleasure in other modes, such as their addictions.

For parents, this is understandably a very difficult thing to hear. Being placed at fault for their children’s problems is something quite unbearable.But, there are some genuine cases in which parents have been responsible. Yet, their contributions in making their children addicts are confined to ignoring them or not guiding them properly. No parent makes their child an addict, but some of them do create the environment that puts children in the way of substance abuse.

However, the most important factor that makes children addicts is the accessibility of the substance. Depression combined with availability can wreak havoc in the children’s lives and take them closer to a chemically dependent life. Some parents are directly responsible here because they are users of the substance themselves and the children only try and emulate them.

Largely though, parents are not at fault. It must be noted that when most children become addicts, their parents are the last to know about it. This is partly because children will consciously make efforts to hide their addictions from their parents. So, parents may remain in the dark about their children’s habits till they actually hit bottom.

Indeed, parents can be wonderful allies to take their children on the path of addiction treatment. It is high time society needlessly blamed the parents about their children’s addictions and made their lives more miserable than they already are.


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