Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Children-It’s not the Parent’s Fault

May 3, 2008

Most times, parents have to bear the brunt of their children’s drug and alcohol addictions. They are told that they were careless and uncaring for their children when they needed them most and that is why the children sought pleasure in other modes, such as their addictions.

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Get Drug Addiction Treatment Now-Save Yourself from Being Branded

May 2, 2008

Drug addiction is certainly not as simple as it sounds. It has very far reaching consequences, and even if you think you have got completely treated from the habit, it will follow you like an unshakable shadow throughout your life.

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Some General Statistics from Substance Abuse Resources

April 30, 2008


Substance abuse is today a global problem. Alcohol abuse has always existed in the world, but in the last century, the world has seen an alarming increase in the number of people ruining their lives through drug addiction.

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Fight a Methamphetamine Addiction as Soon as You Spot It

April 29, 2008

Methamphetamine, also known as meth or crystal meth, belongs to the amphetamine class of drugs. Today this drug is one of the leading drugs used for recreational use.

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Drug Addiction and Drug Addiction Treatment

April 28, 2008


Drug addiction is a serious problem that plagues the world today. Though most people try drugs either for entertainment or recreation, they get addicted to them pretty soon and then there is no turning back.

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What your Addiction Treatment Center Should Not be Like

April 25, 2008


Joining an addiction treatment center is a major decision of your life, and you have to make sure that the center you have chosen is the most suitable one for you, which will help you come out of your addiction. Now that is not quite easy, is it?

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Information on Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs

April 24, 2008


Due to its severe withdrawal symptoms, a heroin addiction treatment is considered to be one of the severest. People have been known to come out successfully out of a heroin addiction from a treatment center, only to succumb to the temptation and become an addict once again.

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Drug Detox: A Very Important Part of the Drug Rehab Program

April 23, 2008

Planning out a addiction program without detox at the outset is going to yield absolutely no results. If the addict is years with the addiction, then it is quite understandable that a great number of toxic materials might have piled up inside the person’s body.

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Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse

April 21, 2008


Having a drug abuse problem or a substance abuse problem is not something to take lightly.  It is not something that will go away if you ignore it.  Ignoring it can only make it worse. 

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Drug Detox and Heroin Addiction Treatment

April 20, 2008

When you are fighting a heroin addiction, seeking treatment can be very hard. Most people are familiar with the side effects that come from quitting heroin cold turkey and this can make many too scared to seek the treatment they so desperately need.

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