Myths about Alcohol Rehab

April 22, 2008

When people have started to realize that they have an issue with alcohol, they feel as though they are lost; for some, it may seem that there are a million different ways that they can receive help. For others, however, they may feel as if there are no options out there that will help them with their alcohol abuse.

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Why People Return to Rehab Programs Multiple Times

April 7, 2008

There are people who go to drug and alcohol rehab centers four, five, or ten times, or even more, before they successfully stop engaging in substance abuse long-term. This is one of the reasons why many people have the misconception that addiction treatment programs don’t work.

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Elton John’s Alcohol Abuse Treatment

April 6, 2008


Elton John has always been seen as a colorful character. The persona he brings to the stage, as well as his life, is always somewhat flashy and colorful. Those who are seeing him for the first time around now may not understand exactly how colorful and loud he was.

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Enjoying Your Time in Drug Rehab

April 5, 2008

The hard work that’s involved in being successful at a quality addiction treatment center is often talked about, but rehab involves happy times as well. It isn’t just about weeks or months of all work and no play.

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Alcohol Abuse Facts and Why Alcohol Rehab is Needed

April 2, 2008


Over 22 million people in the United States that have a drug abuse or substance abuse problem. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for the year 2006, this amounts to a little less than 10% of the entire nation.

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Changing Thoughts in Alcohol Rehab

March 31, 2008


Overcoming an alcohol addiction requires changing the way you think. If you are suffering from alcoholism, you may not even realize that your mind is working very differently than it used to.

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Make the Right Choice: Alcohol Rehabilitation

March 24, 2008


Unfortunately many alcohol addicts do not understand that they do indeed have a serious alcohol problem.  Alcohol is a serious problem that affects every minute of one’s daily life.  An alcohol addict is unable to think clearly, decisions are harder to make because thinking has become an arduous process for the alcohol abuser, communication is normally cut between the alcohol abuser with his or her family and friends, among many other changes in an alcohol addict’s life.  Read more

More People Seek Alcohol Abuse Treatment

March 23, 2008


According to Medical News Today, there are more patients getting addiction treatment services from the healthcare system for alcohol abuse than there were in the past. This is good news as there are millions of people in the United States who have an alcohol abuse problem and never seek professional help for it. Read more

Alcohol and Parenting

March 21, 2008


The majority of teenagers in the United States cite their parents as the most important influence on their decisions regarding alcohol. Because of this, parents have a responsibility to teach their children the correct way to handle alcohol in their lives. Unfortunately, many don’t talk to their kids about the issue at all because they aren’t sure what to say or they fear it will actually encourage them to drink. However, that simply isn’t true. There are a number of ways parents can foster a responsible view of drinking in their children, reducing the chances of alcohol abuse and alcoholism during the teen years and beyond. Read more

Alcohol Abuse and Tolerance

March 19, 2008


The longer a person lives with alcoholism, the greater the level of tolerance they develop to the substance. This means that, over time, the alcoholic will need to drink more in order to get the same effects. Eventually, they become physically dependent on alcohol and must drink a significant amount just to function and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Read more

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