Problems Involved In The Senior Drug Abuse And Alcohol Abuse Treatment In Massachusetts

July 30, 2008

Treatment of drug and alcohol abuse in Massachusetts has never been easy for the treatment providers, and if the patients belong to the senior persons category, then the treatment becomes all the more complicated. Read more

Twelve Step Treatment Program for Alcohol Abuse in Kentucky

June 9, 2008

The treatment program in Kentucky uses the 12 Step Program quite emphatically for alcohol abuse treatment. This program is a direct lift from the program used by the Alcoholics Anonymous. Read more

What you must look for when selecting an Intervention Program for Drug Abuse Treatment in New York?

May 26, 2008

Intervention becomes absolutely essential if there is someone in your family or close group of friends who is into an addiction and you do not know what you can do to help them. Read more

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Illinois-One of the Greatest Substance Abuse Problems

May 8, 2008


The state of Illinois is at the forefront of all kinds of substance addictions in the country. Whether you judge it by sheer numbers or by the extent of the addictions, Illinois is head over shoulders with its various addictions.

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Children-It’s not the Parent’s Fault

May 3, 2008

Most times, parents have to bear the brunt of their children’s drug and alcohol addictions. They are told that they were careless and uncaring for their children when they needed them most and that is why the children sought pleasure in other modes, such as their addictions.

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Planning an Alcoholism Intervention for Your Spouse

April 19, 2008


Having a spouse that has an alcohol addiction can cause a great strain on your relationship. Many times, an alcoholic does not even realize that they have a problem.

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Alcohol Detox Centers

April 12, 2008


Anyone who has read a health magazine or seen an infomercial may think that the word detox refers to a specific type of diet.  These diets are often based on inaccurate science and have dubious health benefits.

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Things to Remember in an Alcohol Intervention

April 9, 2008

An alcohol intervention can allow the addict to see that they have a real problem and get the help that they need from a rehabilitation program. This is a very difficult time for families, and emotions about the addiction run deep.

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Stereotypes Aboout Alcohol Abuse Hurt Everyone

April 8, 2008


Stereotypes about alcoholism do not benefit anyone in society. They only serve to create a stigma against addicts that is usually unfair and can make them reluctant to get the help that they need for recovery.

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Elton John’s Alcohol Abuse Treatment

April 6, 2008


Elton John has always been seen as a colorful character. The persona he brings to the stage, as well as his life, is always somewhat flashy and colorful. Those who are seeing him for the first time around now may not understand exactly how colorful and loud he was.

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