There’s No Need for Speed

March 3, 2008

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is known in the streets for many other names.

Speed” is one of its numerous names because it can stimulate the body and the brain to allow its users to experience the “rush”, characterized by elevated alertness, enhanced self-confidence and heightened liveliness, as it counteracts fatigue and improves concentration.

It is, in fact, no wonder that crystal meth addiction has become a popular drug to truck drivers, high school or college students, and other people who wanted endurance to stay alert and be able to concentrate for long periods of time without feeling tired or drowsy at all. However, with prolonged use, crystal meth would only speed up one’s demise as it can cause physical symptoms like skipped heartbeats, tremors, asthma, diminished judgment and acute kidney failure. Withdrawal from crystal meth addiction without treatment can even lead to extreme heat elevation, convulsions, circulatory collapse and death.

Medical practitioners and drug experts have indicated that methamphetamine addiction is one of the hardest, if not hardest, illegal drug addictions to treat. This is because crystal meth severely injures the brain of addicts in many ways by changing its normal chemical balance and destroying the cells inside the brain. Moreover, tolerance develops rapidly to the many of the effects of the crystal meth. Tolerance is said to be present when, over a period of time, increasing doses of a drug are required to maintain the same response. There is much evidence to show that amphetamines induce drug dependence and the amphetamine-dependent person may become psychotic, aggressive and anti-social. Withdrawal of amphetamines is associated with mental and physical depression.

Because of its annihilating effects in the human body, crystal meth could be considered as one of the most addictive illegal substances on the streets today. In fact, it will take several months or even years for you to get over the long-term withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and craving for the drug.

Currently, therapeutic treatments for crystal meth addiction can be successful if there is an effective cognitive behavioral intervention program in a controlled treatment center. These cognitive behavioral interventions could be vital in assisting the addicts to modify and change their habits and thinking processes, along with their expectations, behaviors, and skills in dealing with the multiple stresses around them.

In fact, methamphetamine support groups have sprouted and helped people kick away their crystal meth addiction goodbye for long periods of time.

Although crystal meth addicts feel more powerful and in control when they are high, it should be remembered that falling into it is like being trapped in a bottomless pit, where chances are nil to go back to normal. This is why knowledge about the deleterious effects of crystal meth should be spread so that there will no longer be “speed freaks”, who are doomed to suffer from paranoid delusions and exhibit episodes of violent behavior at the onset of their psychotic states caused by this destructive drug.


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