Drug Detox and Heroin Addiction Treatment

April 20, 2008

When you are fighting a heroin addiction, seeking treatment can be very hard. Most people are familiar with the side effects that come from quitting heroin cold turkey and this can make many too scared to seek the treatment they so desperately need.

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Planning an Alcoholism Intervention for Your Spouse

April 19, 2008


Having a spouse that has an alcohol addiction can cause a great strain on your relationship. Many times, an alcoholic does not even realize that they have a problem.

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How to Know if Outpatient Drug Rehab is Okay for Drug Addiction

April 18, 2008


Choosing the right substance abuse treatment program is essential to your overall success and long term recovery. Making the commitment to seek inpatient care for drug treatment can feel overwhelming and scary.

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How Addiction Treatment Can Help

April 15, 2008


Those who struggle with an drug addiction problem often feel as if they can’t stop. They feel as though the addiction is too hard to break on their own. While they would like to stop, they feel as if they can’t.

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Facts and Statistics of Drug Abuse

April 14, 2008

Drug abuse relates to all drugs, whether they are classified as legal (prescription and non-prescription) or illegal (“street”) drugs. Drugs can be consumed for recreational purposes, as in getting “high”, but they can also be consumed to alleviate emotional problems and stress.

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Hey teens, does your friend have a Drug Abuse problem?

April 13, 2008


Many teens are very loyal to their friends. Lots of friends you’ve had since literally forever and you’ve been through a lot together. You’ll stick together – thick and thin. But now you’ve got a friend in trouble and you really don’t know what to do.

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Alcohol Detox Centers

April 12, 2008


Anyone who has read a health magazine or seen an infomercial may think that the word detox refers to a specific type of diet.  These diets are often based on inaccurate science and have dubious health benefits.

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Drug Rehab is Not a Six Week Program

April 11, 2008

Drug addiction is an ongoing battle with someone who suffers from the disease. It is not something that can be cured in six weeks of drug rehab. Anyone who suffers from substance abuse knows they will spend the rest of their lives battling the disease.

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Good Days and Bad Days in Addiction Treatment

April 10, 2008

In the process of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, there will be many bad days and good days along the way. In order to maintain sobriety, you have to learn how to make the best of both of these times.

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Things to Remember in an Alcohol Intervention

April 9, 2008

An alcohol intervention can allow the addict to see that they have a real problem and get the help that they need from a rehabilitation program. This is a very difficult time for families, and emotions about the addiction run deep.

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